Letters to a Young Scientist, by Edward O. Wilson: Introversion and Science

9 de enero de 2022

When I started as a PhD student in 2014, my supervisor gave me as a gift «Letters to a Young Scientist» by Edward O. Wilson. I also enjoyed Susan Cain’s insights on introverts. I wonder how many times -we- introverts have been considered negatively simply because introversion. Edward O. Wilson said this about «solitary brains» and science (chapter 7):

Es la imagen del texto que comento: But is groupthink the best way to create really new science? Risking heresy, I hereby dissent. I believe the creative process usually unfolds in a very different way. It arises and for a while germinates in a solitary brain. It commences as an idea and, equally important, the ambition of a single person who is prepared and strongly motivated to make discoveries in one domain of science or another. The successful innovator is favored by a fortunate combination of talent and circumstance...

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